Custom Recipes

Found on New Lands Survival MC

Chainmail can be crafted using chains.

8 chains being crafted into a chainmail chestplate

Charcoal can be crafted into coal blocks.

9 charcoal being crafted into a coal block

Charcoal can be crafted into black dye.

1 charcoal being crafted into black dye

Cobwebs can be crafted from string and slimeballs.

8 string surrounding a slimeball being crafted into a spiderweb

Coral can be crafted into coral blocks.

4 red coral being crafted into a red coral block

Droppers can be converted to dispensers with string and sticks.

1 hopper surrounded by the bow recipe being crafted into a dispenser

Glass bottles can be smelted to glass.

1 glass bottle in a furnace being converted to 1 glass

Concrete powder can be converted to concrete with ice.

8 red concrete powder surrounding an ice block being crafted into red concrete

Nametags can be crafted with string and paper.

1 string and 2 paper being crafted into a nametag

Dyed blocks can be re-dyed.

8 red terracotta surrounding blue dye being crafted into 
blue terracotta

Sand and sandstone can be dyed red.

8 sand surrounding red dye being crafted into red sand

Stonecutter can cut stones to gravel and sandstones to sand.

1 chiseled sandstone in a stonecutter being converted to sand

Stairs can be converted back to blocks.

4 oak stairs being crafted into 6 oak planks

String can be converted back to wool.

1 wool being crafted into 4 string