Skills + Abilities

By AureliumSkills


There are 15 unique skills on New Lands Survival that you will level up as you play the game. You gain XP in each of them automatically by doing relevant activities.

As you level up each skill, you will unlock special abilities and level up your stats.

You can check your skills levels anytime with /skills or /<skillname>.

  • Farming - Harvest crops to earn XP
  • Foraging - Cut trees to earn XP
  • Mining - Mine stone and ores to earn XP
  • Fishing - Catch fish to earn XP
  • Excavation - Dig with a shovel to earn XP
  • Archery - Shoot mobs or players with a bow to earn XP
  • Defense - Take damage from mobs or players to earn XP
  • Fighting - Fight mobs or players with melee weapons to earn XP
  • Endurance - Walk or run to earn XP
  • Agility - Jump or take fall damage to earn XP
  • Alchemy - Brew potions to earn XP
  • Enchanting - Enchant items to earn XP
  • Sorcery - Use mana abilities to earn XP
  • Healing - Drink or splash potions to earn XP
  • Forging - Combine or apply books in an anvil to earn XP

Useful Commands

  • /skills - View all skills
  • /stats - View all your stats
  • /<skillname> - View specific skill details
  • /mana - View your mana level
  • /abtoggle - Toggle actionbar messages


You have 6 different stats that increase as you level up your different skills. Each stat increases a specific aspect of your character - such as max health, max mana, or damage resistance.

Use /stats to check your stats at any time.

  • Strength - Increases your attack damage
  • Health - Increases max health
  • Regeneration - Increases health and mana regen
  • Luck - Increases chance of getting rare loot
  • Wisdom - Increases max mana, experience gain, and decreases anvil cost
  • Toughness - Decreases damage from enemies

Mana Abilities

Mana abilities, or active abilities, are short and intense benefits that you can activate by using Mana. Each skill has unique Mana abilities that you will unlock as you level up.

To use a Mana ability, hold the applicable tool (such as a pickaxe for a mining ability), right click, and then start using that tool. You will see the message "You ready your tool" after right clicking, followed by additional messages as the skill activates and is used.

Mana abilities require Mana to use. You can see how much Mana you have with /mana. Mana regenerates over time, and your max Mana can be increased by leveling up your Wisdom stat.

Passive Abilities

Each skill has passive abilities that unlock as you level up. Passive abilities are always active and provide you a small benefit, similar to stats.

You can see which passive abilities are unlocked, or available, by looking at the GUI page for any skill.

XP Boosts

You can purchase XP boosts in our online store. XP Boosts apply to the ENTIRE server and last 2 hours.

Founders also receive a permanent small XP boost (learn more here).