PC Optimization

How to run Minecraft on a Slow Computer

The SVMC Optimization Pack

The directions below will walk you through installing our performance modpack!

Some users have alternatively recommended trying LunarClient.

Our modpack:

SVMC Optimization Modpack Icon
CurseForge App Screenshot

1. Install CurseForge App

We will use the CurseForge App to install some mods. It makes managing your mods very easy.

After this, you will always launch Minecraft through the CurseForge App.


2. Add our Modpack

Open CurseForge App, click on "Minecraft" and then "Browse Modpacks".

Search for "SVMC" and select our Modpack "SVMC Potato Optimization Pack"

Click "Install"

CurseForge App - Minecraft - Search for SVMC
CurseForge App - Minecraft - My Modpacks

3. Launch Minecraft

Navigate to the "My Modpacks" tab, select our Modpack, and click "Play"!

This will open a new Minecraft launcher with our mods pre-installed.

Note: This instance of Minecraft will not have your old worlds and servers. You can still access your old worlds and servers by opening Minecraft without using CurseForge App.

4. Minecraft Settings

Finally, let's apply some optimized settings. In Minecraft, click on "Options", then "Video Settings", and apply the following:

  • General -> Render Distance - 8

    (The server will not show over 10)

  • General -> Simulation Distance - 6

    (The server will not show over 8)

  • Quality -> Graphics - Fast
  • Quality -> Clouds - Fast
  • Quality -> Particles - Minimal
  • Quality -> Mipmap Levels - 0

    (Increase if possible)

Minecraft Settings Screenshot