Server Rules

Please follow these server rules

Be Careful!

  • Unclaimed builds can be looted, reclaimed, or torn down!** (Do NOT intentionally destroy unclaimed builds just for the sake of destroying them!)
  • Trusting players is at-your-own-risk! (Set up your land claim roles and areas carefully!)
  • Trades and job agreements are at-your-own-risk! (Use the /trade GUI to avoid scams.)
  • Do not log out somewhere unsafe! (We are not responsible for deaths on log-in due to missing blocks, placed lava, etc.)

Be Kind!

  • Player traps are prohibited! ("Player traps" = something designed to kill or trap a player that isn't an obvious threat until after it has triggered.)
  • Harassment, threats, verbal abuse, hateful speech, and offensive generalizations are prohibited!
  • No bullying!
  • No trolling or antagonizing! (Do not participate in actions intended only to upset others.)
  • Keep other's feelings in mind when using chat! (Staff have the right to shut down a conversation if needed.)
  • Do not spam!

Be Fair!

  • Any hack or mod that gives you an unfair advantage in the game is not allowed!
    • Approved mods: performance enhancers (like Optifine), shaders, gameplay recording, additional inputs (like controller support), inventory management, status HUDs, minimaps (without x-ray like effects)
  • Do not exploit bugs in our server's features. Vanilla exploit are allowed, unless they involve duplicating items!
  • If you share your account, you are responsible for anything that happens on your account!
  • Alt accounts are prohibited!
Minecraft Warden

Be Considerate!

  • Do not discuss or appeal bans/mutes/etc in public channels. (An appeal email is provided in every punishment message, or you can use the #open-ticket channel on Discord.)
  • Do not intentionally disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm the server or staff.
  • Do not advertise other Minecraft servers or Discords.
  • Please only use English in public channels. (We are generally unable to moderate other languages.)